Parks and Recreation will be taking a five-week break and will return April 19, 2012 with the episode "Live Ammo". The recently aired episode "Lucky" received 3.8 million viewers overall, delivering its highest 18-49 and total-viewer results since January 19 and equaled its best 18-49 rating since November 17. [1]. At a fundraiser Thursday night, President Obama sung the praises of the show, as it is daughter Malia's favorite, and gave a shout out to Aziz Ansari. [2]. Amy Poehler and Adam Scott are set to star in a comedy from Stu Zicherman together called A.C.O.D. (or Adult Children of Divorce). [3]. Nick Offerman has signed on to star in Diablo Cody's directoral debut, a movie formerly titled Lamb of God. [4] His movie 21 Jump Street is set to be released in theaters March 16. [5]