Tucker Park's sticky grass is due to an unexpected by-product of the Sweetums factory nougat run-off.

There was a failed Graffiti Removal Project for Tucker Park in 2009, whose remaining penises still haunt Leslie Knope. She describes it as "a great idea that just ran out of steam". They had removed 5 cartoon penises, not even 10%, when they were shut down due to lack of funding.


On August 4, 2010, gigantic burning crosses were seen at Tucker Park. They were merely old telephone poles flagged for demolition - fire was the best way to destroy the termite-infested timber. The Parks & Recreation Department of Pawnee extends their apologies to all of the park's neighbors, especially Pawnee's N.A.A.C.P. field office.

The 2011 budget surplus provided for new equipment and significant progress in pond de-sludging. Come see this Phonenix as it rishes from the ashes! Ignore the actual ashes--we had to burn quite a few hobo encampments.

The new cylindrical steel canisters at Tucker Park are simply benign "collection tanks" being monitored for a new federal government study. Please do not mistake the canisters for trashcans though, as discarded objects and passersby could spontaneously ignite.

Parents needn't worry about the hypodermic needles discovered in the sand at Tucker Park. The sandbox's natural bacteria have rendered them virus-free.

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