"The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show" is the tenth episode of Season 7 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 122nd episode overall. The entire episode is in the form of the last episode of Andy 's kids TV show, which shares the same name as the episode, complete with fake advertisements from various Pawnee businesses from other episodes of Parks and Rec.

Plot Edit

The episode starts with an introduction from Perd while Andy fakes karate motions. After Andy tells the kids what the show is about he goes to sing a song, but finds that his guitar has been stolen. Changing his on-screen character to Burt Macklin . The show becomes a noir style cop show where The Chief confirms that Macklin is a loose canon who gets results, then handing Macklin a clue to help him solve the case. Macklin is determined to find the thief and make them pay the ultimate price: force them to participate in the Funky Monkey Dunk Tank! 

After the Johnny Karate show's opening, Andy tells the children that he is moving to Washington DC and lists some of the memorable places there. He brings April out for April's Animal Corner, where she brought a Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula to show the kids. However, Andy had played hide and seek with the tarantula earlier and never found it. The segment changes into "Loose Animal in the Studio" with a long disclaimer attached that Andy doesn't bother to read.

Andy introduces the five Karate moves to success:

  1. Make something
  2. Learn something
  3. Karate chop something
  4. Try something new
  5. Being nice to someone 

Joining Carpenter Ron , Andy is shown that Ron is making a shadow box frame, for a display. Andy attempts at a Hug Moment with Ron, which immediately fails leaving him with no hug. He moves onto the second segment with Professor Smartbrain (Ben Wyatt) , who is teaching geography today. He talks about how fast Andy can get to Washington DC by plane, car, and train, but Andy argues that teleportation is faster. Ben attempts to explain that teleportation is only theoretical and impossible. However, Andy tells the kids "nothing is impossible", which causes Professor Smartbrain to argue with Johnny, and Andy counters with the Boring Buzzer. After this, Andy is joined by Mailman Barry who brings him hundreds of fan letters and a special letter of his own to say goodbye to Andy. However, before Barry can finish reading it, Andy interrupts screaming it's time to karate chop something, and has the ninjas karate chop Barry instead. Leslie Knope joins Andy to try something new, where she and April take over the show and turn it into a tribute to Andy Dwyer instead. 

After a brief commercial break for Ron's inaudible commercial for his company, Very Good Building Company , and the Wamapoke casino, Leslie goes into Andy's history, starting with his fall in the pit. Andy hopes there is a pit in Washington DC to fall into, as Ben and Leslie continue going through his career. They give him a day planner as a gift, which Andy promptly loses. They bring Andy's friend: Lord Edgar Covington onto the show to knight Andy, which Covington can only do because the Queen of England just lets him do what he wants. Ben gets excited and is also knighted by Covington, quoting Game of Thrones. Once again we take a brief commercial break with advertisements for Paunch Burger and Mouse Rat. 

When they return, Leslie brings up how Andy failed to become a real police officer, but managed to create Burt Macklin, calling Macklin one of Andy's greatest creations. Randy Killnose , an officer from the Pawnee police department, gives Andy an honorary badge in the shadow box that Ron created, which Andy promptly breaks to get access to the badge. Andy attempts to take the officer's handcuffs but they steer the show back on track, sending Andy to Ben in order to 'solve the mystery of the stolen guitar'. It turns out John Cena stole the guitar and Andy geeks out over his cameo. As it turns out, Andy swapped the lost day planner for Randy's handcuffs and he arrests John Cena and brings him over to the dunk tank. 

Leslie announces that Pawnee will keep a Johnny Karate costume to honor the show that Andy created, but while Donna and Ron perform a Jazz rendition of "Kung Fu Fighting", April looks uncomfortable. After another commercial break, Andy gives his thanks to everyone who worked on the show. He attempts to bring April in to do something nice to her, but she flees the studio and Andy chases after her. April doesn't want to be the reason Andy stops doing what he loves, but he tells her how important she is to him and that they'll figure things out. Considering this his good deed, Andy sings the farewell song to send off Johnny Karate. The tarantula ends up on the edge of the dunk tank and April activates the drop-seat, dunking John Cena in.