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The Bulge

The Bulge is a gay bar located at 1302 Runyard in Pawnee, Indiana. It sent Leslie Knope a wedding cake with two penguins on top to thank her for supporting the gay community. April Ludgate, her ex-boyfriend Derek, and Derek's boyfriend Ben used to hang out there. The club declared Leslie their "hero" for holding the gay penguin wedding, but Leslie insists it was simply a publicity stunt, not a political statement. The Bulge held a party in Leslie's honor, which she attended along with Tom Haverford in the episode "Pawnee Zoo" to announce she has not taken a political stand; however, she accepts the free drinks they offer her and ends up getting drunk and having a great time.

The Buldge is also feautured in the episode "Go Big or Go Home".


34° 10.790' N 118° 25.913' W


34° 8.579' N 118° 24.283' W

Theme NightsEdit

The Bulge 2
  • Meaty Man Mondays
  • Twink Tuesdays
  • Waxed Chest Wednesdays
  • Cher Thursdays
  • Freaky Fridays
  • The Saturday Steam Room
  • Sensuous Sundaze

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