Susan Gleever was a competitor in Miss Pawnee 2009. She's a history major at Indiana State University, a children's hospital volunteer, and a classical pianist. Susan plays the piano in the beauty pageant and everyone in the crowd seems bored. Tom Haverford starts texting but Leslie Knope is captivated. She believes Susan is everything Miss Pawnee should be. The judges meet to deliberate, but Tom thinks that Trish Ianetta, "the hot one," should win by a landslide. Every one of the judges likes Trish, but Leslie tries to sway the votes toward Susan. Leslie gives a speech about how Miss Pawnee is important and that they are all sequestered. She claims that Trish will win over her dead body. The former Miss Pawnee, Jessica Wicks, thinks Trish should win, but now Ray Holstead is having second thoughts. Leslie gives a heartwarming speech for one last chance to coerce the judges to vote for Susan. The results are in and it's "the hot one," Trish! Everyone applauds, except Leslie. At the end of the pageant, Leslie makes a speech about all the "Susans" losing to the "Trishes" of the world. Leslie tells Trish that she did not vote for her. Leslie looks and sees Trish taking shots with other contestants like it's spring break.