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  • Leslie calls Jamm the human equivalent of gas station sushi
  • Leslie calls Jamm and his new girlfriend, Tammy, "Jammy"
  • Leslie has severe tunnel vision when it comes to achieving her goals
  • Tammy was drawn to Jamm singing "Gangsta's Paradise" at a karaoke bar
  • Joan Callamezzo's requests that Ben was unable to accommodate:
  • Joan signs a copy of her ninth memoir, "Game of Joans", for her biggest fan, April, who says her name is "Glenn" (which Joan says is "pretty")
  • April admires Joan's train wrecked-ness, especially the last three years when she:
    • did a string of shows from rehab
    • gave every member of her audience a car. A single car that everyone fought for
    • did one show where she called all her ex-boyfriends from atop a washing machine

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