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Ron's Buick in "Ron and Tammy"

Ron Swanson's car is a burgundy 1997-2002 Buick Park Avenue Ultra. Ron's Buick is first seen in Season 2 in the episode "Ron and Tammy" when he and Tammy 2 drive to a motel to make love.

The car is seen sporadically throughout Seasons 2-4. In "Freddy Spaghetti" the car is seen briefly as Ron runs out to warn Leslie Knope that Ben Wyatt and Chris Traeger are coming to shut down the children's concert.

The car is more heavily featured in Season 5; most notably in "Ms. Knope Goes to Washington" Ron drives away with the grill after becoming angry with everyone's complaints at the barbecue.

In the episode "Sex Education" the car is damaged after Tom Haverford crashes it into a tree while distractedly using his phone. Ron forces Tom to read an auto-repair manual so he can assist him with repairs.

In "Ron and Diane" Leslie drives Tammy out into a field to keep her away from Ron. They subsequently fight over the keys in a dumpster until Tammy finds the keys and starts to drive away. Leslie jumps into the window before Tammy gets away. The following morning, Ron discovers Leslie trapped in the trunk when the car is impounded by the police. 

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  • The 1997-2005 Buick Park Avenue is a front-wheel-drive luxury sedan powered by a 3.8 litre V6. The "Ultra" is the supercharged variant with which gains 35 hp over the base model's 205 hp. The Ultra is distinguishable from the base model Park Avenue by its lack of a hood ornament, larger chrome wheels, and "Ultra" in the place of "Park Avenue" on the rear quarter panel.
  • Ron's Buick cannot be newer than 2002 since it lacks the fender "Ventiports" and the revised grille introduced on the 2003 model. Ron has stated that he has owned the car for over 10 years.