• survey question Leslie asks girl:
    • Would you say that you are enjoying yourself and having fun, having a moderate amount of fun and somewhat enjoying yourself or having no fun and no enjoyment?
    • when the child does not answer, Leslie decides to choose having a lot of fun
  • the drunk is stuck in a yellow slide with a blue platform and stairs
  • the full name of the monthly meeting Leslie and Tom lead is: Community Outreach Public Forum
  • the meeting is held at Emerson Elementary School
    • initially in the huge auditorium until the lights are shut off, then moved to one of the classrooms, which is now packed
    • after the lights are shut off in the auditorium, Tom asks if anyone has any questions about permits
  • Leslie thinks Tom is Libyan
  • Tom is from Bennettsville, South Carolina
    • he calls himself a "red-neck"
  • Leslie calls Mark Brendanawicz a fixer
  • Leslie compares city hall to a locker room, complete with towel-snapping
  • Ann believes Leslie is only coming over to see the lot for a photo-op
  • Leslie's key to a fact-finding mission is to get right into the battle zone
    • Leslie sees herself as George W. Bush flying over New Orleans or Richard Nixon going to China (to see what the Chinese were up to)
  • Leslie falsely believes she broke her collarbone when she fell in the pit
  • Ann does not have one of those neck, foam, collar, brace things
  • After seeing the pit for herself, Leslie meets with Ron with a travel pillow duct taped around her neck
    • Number of times Leslie goes into Ron's office to ask for the subcommittee after visiting the pit=5
    • Number of times Leslie communicates with Ron through his office windows to ask for the subcommittee after visiting the pit=2
  • built in 1935, Pioneer Hall was one of the first structures in America to have locks
  • Leslie drunk sings Lady Marmalade (or Lady Marmalard), adding the lyric: "gotta get your phone, sister"

Opening creditsEdit

  • the show title is shown when the piccolo begins
  • an extended 30 second version of the theme plays

Citizen Comments/ComplaintsEdit

  • the head of the police is a 9th degree Mason
    • a few things about Laura Linney
  • loud music
  • graffiti
  • obscenities heard at public parks
  • the ugly, dangerous, government-owned lot on Sullivan Street
    • the developer dug out a basement for some condos

Tom's awkward moves on AnnEdit

  • To further discuss the Sullivan Street lot, Tom suggests he and Ann:
    • exchange numbers
    • go away for a weekend
  • when he accompanies Leslie and April to Ann's house to look at Lot 48
    • he tries to touch her arm or shoulder

Projects Leslie has worked onEdit

  • disinfect the sandbox sand after the problems with the cats

Behind Leslie in her officeEdit

  • directly behind her on the wall is the state seal of Indiana
    • there is a small framed medal/award on both the left and right of the sea
  • to her left is a floor-mounted Indiana state flag
  • to her right is a floor-mounted American flag
  • framed pictures on the desk
    • Nancy Pelosi
    • Larry Bird
  • antler bookends

Behind Ron in his officeEdit

  • Bobby Knight poster on wall

Ron's appearanceEdit

  • hair parted on his right
  • wears a suit with tie

Reasons Mark Brendanawicz lists for giving up on Leslie's park projectEdit

  • Homeowners associations
  • anti-government nuts
  • bureaucrats
  • miles of red tape

What Leslie dreams for Lot 48Edit

  • a first-class park
  • a shiny, new playground with:
    • jungle gym
    • swings
    • pool
    • tennis courts
    • volleyball courts
    • racquetball courts
    • basketball courts
    • regulation football field
  • amphitheater with:
    • Shakespeare in the park


  • when told by Leslie that the City of Pawnee will help him with anything, Andy asks for his "itch stick"
  • thinks it's awesome that Leslie also fell into the pit
  • asks Ann to make pancakes "real quick" if she's going to the kitchen

How others see LeslieEdit

  • Ann
    • a little doofy
    • sweet
  • Ron
    • insatiable
    • like a little dog with a chew toy
  • Mark
    • unique

City Hall MuralEdit

  • unnamed
    • depicts the Battle at Coneega (sp?) Creek (a pioneer woman wielding an ax standing over a kneeling, unarmed squaw, with men wearing hats torching several tee-pees in the background)
    • Leslie calls it the crown jewel of all the murals
    • the more gruesome parts are covered by a poster (a Native sprawled on the ground in a pool of blood)

What Makes America awesome for Leslie KnopeEdit

it's filled with:

  • hope
  • small towns
  • big cities
  • real people
  • delicious beverages
  • hot guys

How Ron's office conveys his opinion of governmentEdit

  • a sawed-off shotgun (formerly owned by a local bootlegger) on his desk points at people who come to ask him for things
  • it is also his basketball court; he doesn't want to see:
    • double dribbling
    • 3-second violations

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