Pawnee today

A picture of the Pawnee Today set.

Pawnee Today, is a Pawnee talk show hosted by Joan Callamezzo. The Pawnee crew and anchors are very invasive and jump conclusions quickly. They were largely involved in the Christmas Scandal, they dug up an old video of Leslie shaking hands with Bill Dexhart and overanalyzed every aspect of the short clip. Ann Perkins was horrified to discover that a Pawnee Today news crew secretly followed Dexhart to her home and took a photograph of the meeting, resulting in speculation that Ann is Leslie's lesbian lover. Leslie appeared on "Pawnee Today" to clear her name once and for all, however Joan surprised Leslie by bringing out Dexhart, who tries to prove their affair by claiming that Leslie has a mole on her buttocks. To finally end the scandal, Leslie pulled down her pants on live television and mooned Callamezzo to show that there was no mole, Dexhart was forced to admit that he fabricated the sex scandal.

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