The Pawnee Most Wanted Pests List was a flyer released by the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department to highlight the most notorious animals in Pawnee.

Pests on the ListEdit

  • Poopy the raccoon. Offense: Defecating in the high school cafeteria.
  • Vlad the Indiana bat. Offense: Defecating in the city hall bell tower.
  • Fairway Frank the possum. Offense: Bites dogs. Bites people. Bites everything.
  • Zorro the raccoon. Offense: Garbage rummaging and thievery.
  • One Paw Papa the raccoon. Offense: Contamination of reservoirs with fecal matter.
  • Spyke the porcupine. Offense: Leaving used needles in the public parks.
  • Wiley Riley the raccoon. Offense: Tripping the elderly.
  • Jangle Bo Jingles the feral cat. Offense: Streetwalker. Infecting domestic cats for 3 years when loose.
  • Leanor the crow. Offense: Excessive noise violations.
  • Nutz the raccoon. Offense: Chucking acorns at young children and the elderly.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CAPTURE THESE PESTS ON YOUR OWN. Please report any sighting of the above felons to Pawnee Animal Control at 555-014-6213.