The Pawnee Courthouse is where Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt go on trial in the episode "The Trial of Leslie Knope" for their secret relationship.

Courthouse 3

Courthouse MuralsEdit

Old StonefaceEdit

Old Stoneface

"Old Stoneface"

Marcus Everett Langley was Pawnee's greatest lawyer at the turn of the century. His nickname was "Old Stoneface" because of his steely demeanor and because he got in an accident at the rock quarry and dynamite blew up his face.

Bad Pawnee, Good Pawnee Oklahoma?Edit

Bad Pawnee Good Pawnee

"Bad Pawnee, Good Pawnee"

All the terrible things that have happened in the town's history are on one side, and all the good things are on the other.

Sarah Nelson QuindleEdit

Sarah Nelson Quindle

"Sarah Nelson Quindle"

In 1849, Sarah Nelson Quindle exposed her elbow outdoors, which was a Class-A Felony. Although she felt the law unjust, she acknowledged that she had broken it and she nobly accepted her punishment: to be set adrift on Lake Michigan, like a human Popsicle.

Lady JusticeEdit

Lady Justice

"Lady Justice"

Lady Justice reminds us we’re all equal under the law. A few years ago we repainted “Our Lady Justice” to more accurately represent the husky size of our average citizen.

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