Paunch Burger

Paunch Burger is a local fast food chain located in Pawnee. In "Two Parties", the chain attempts to obtain Lot 48 so they can build another restaurant on the lot.

Meal Edit

Paunch burger.

Paunch burger kid menu box with Paunch collector soda cup.

Triple bacon cheese burger.

Juicy sausage burger.

Mini chilly cheese beef pot pie.

Paunch burger topsecret sauce.

French fries.

Mega luxus sugar lard bomb.

Pistachio and mint milkshake.

Oreo milkshake.

Double fudge milkshake.

Strawberry milkshake.

Banana Milkshake.

Soft drinks.

Paunch soda.

Bacon salad.

Chicken salad.

Goat cheese salad.

Chocolate cake.

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