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Ron Swanson walking in the Park's main office area

The Parks and Recreation Department of Pawnee oversees parks and recreational public works, and is supervised by Director Ron Swanson. Its office is located in room 120 inside Pawnee City Hall.

Notable AccomplishmentsEdit


Main article: Category:Department of Parks and Recreation Employees

All Parks and Recreation Department Employees are listed below.


Employee Title
Ron Swanson Director (former, resigned to open Very Good Building and Development)
Leslie Knope Deputy Director (resigned for Midwest Parks Service)
April Ludgate Deputy Director of Animal Control

Personal Assistant to the Director (resigned for Midwest Parks Service)

Tom Haverford Administrator (resigned to run Tom's Bistro)
Donna Meagle Office Manager (resigned to run Regal Meagle Realty)
Jerry Gergich Employee (resigned for Midwest Parks Service)
Andy Dwyer Assistant to Deputy Director (resigned for Johnny Karate and Midwest Parks Service)
Clarence Carrington Former Director
Michael Tansley Former Director
David Moser Former Director
Lindsay Carlisle Shay Former Employee


The North American raccoon (Procyon lotor) inhabits suburban and urban areas around the world. These masked bandits are cute on the outside, but many are contaminated with leptospirosis, listeriosis, tetanus and tularemia on the inside. Pawnee's raccoon problem is well documented. Due to massive overpopulation, these animals are now considered pests and must be eradicated. The city has established the Raccoon Eradication Initiative (REI) for this purpose.



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