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Mouse Rat (formerly Scarecrow Boat, Ninja Dick) is Andy Dwyer's band.



The Awesome Album
  • "The Awesome Album"


5000 Candles in the Wind
  • "Drunk Off Our Asses"
  • "Sex Is Cool"
  • "Sex in Space"
  • "5000 Candles in the Wind"
  • "Two Birds Holding Hands"
  • "November"
  • "Sex Hair"
  • "Ann Song"
  • "Menace Ball"
  • "Remember"
  • "The Pit"
  • "Catch Your Dream" (Knope 2012 Theme Song)


  • Winner (as Scarecrow Boat): WKKR's Pawnee Battle of the Bands, 2008
  • Headliner: Edward Phillips Senior Center Valentine's Dance, February 11, 2010
  • Lil' Sebastian Memorial
  • Pawnee Unity Concert
  • Paladino's (Rocking Pawnee) (as Scarecrow Boat)

Former Band NamesEdit

  • Scarecrow Boat
  • Malice in Chains
  • Punch Face Champion
  • Flames for Flames
  • The Andy Andy Andys
  • Andy and the D-Bags
  • Crackfinger
  • Department of Homeland Obscurity
  • Puppy Pendulum
  • Possum Pendulum
  • Penis Pendulum
  • Radwagon
  • Jet Black Pope
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Just the Tip
  • Fiveskin
  • Fourskin
  • Threeskin
  • Angelsnack
  • Nothing Rhymes With Orange
  • Everything Rhymes With Orange
  • Nothing Rhymes with Blorenge
  • Ninjadick
  • Andy Dwyer Experience
  • Death of a Scam Artist
  • God Hates Figs
  • Razordick
  • Teddy Bear Suicide
  • Two Doors Down
  • Tackle Shaft
  • Hand Rail Suicide
  • Scrotation Marks
  • Rat Mouse(when playing without Andy)

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