The "Miss Pawnee" Beauty Pageant began in 1928, when local con artist Jonathan T. Raimesfeld was in search of a future bride. Ladies competed in events such as Meal Preparation, Child Bearing, and Silence. The event ended in a tie, which ushered in a brief and unfortunate period of legalized bigamy in the town. Contestants today are scored on Eveningwear, Talent, and a Question and Answer section. Past winners have gone on to jobs ranging from boat show models, to limb/joint models, to car show models. Any woman over 18 is allowed to enter, and Pawnee citizenship is not required.

Miss Pawnee 2009Edit

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Known Past WinnersEdit

Year Name Description
2010 Amber Broxton
2009 Trish Ianetta
2008 Shannon O'Neil She was discovered by "The Look" Modeling Agency the summer of her eighth grade year, while eating lunch at the Oakbrook Mall. "The Look" sent Shannon directly from her table at FroYo's to the Milan of Indiana: Muncie, and she soon reached superstardom by gracing the covers of Indiana's regional glossies and direct mail circulars.[1]
2007 Amanda Milfred She has been on the pageant circuit since she was four years old, but she couldn't have done any of it without the help of her mother, Tiffany Milfred. I think Amanda would definitely say that Tiffany is the the inspiration behind all of Amanda's success. If Tiffany had had a mom like Tiffany when she was Amanda's age, Tiffany's life would have gone a lot differently, let me tell you. During the pageant off-season, Amanda and Tiffany like to vacation in Atlantic City, where they share mixed drinks, evenings with widowers and their sons, and swimwear.[1]
2006 Casey Vwitwick She moved to Pawnee when she was six years old, and entered her first pageant when she was seven. Her crowning achievement was winning Miss Pawnee in 2006, after which she retired from competition forever. Casey now spends most afternoons perfecting her great-aunt's pie recipes, cooking, and holding dinner parties. She was briefly a plus-size model for Pawnee's own "More to Love" Boutique, but left her contract early due to a disagreement over the legal definition of "morbidly obese." She would like to thank the Pawnee Fire Department for the recent use of their crane.[1]
1994 Jessica Wicks


1993 Jessica Wicks [2]
1992 Jessica Wicks


1988 Chelsey Bulpa [2]


  • The prize for the 2009 pageant was $600 in gift certificates to Big Archie's Sporting Goods and Emerson Fencing Company

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