Mayor Stice is the current mayor of Partridge, Minnesota.


Season 5Edit

In "Partridge", Mayor Stice invites Ben Wyatt to Partridge to accept a key to the city. Ben ends up in the hospital with a kidney stone, leaving Leslie to accept the key in his place instead. When she's presented with the box by Mayor Stice, there is no key inside and is filled with water. Mayor Stice claims the key was made of ice and melted, along with the dreams of all Partridge residents.

He later admits in his office to Leslie and Ben that he's had some bad publicity lately and he was trying to score some easy points by bashing Ben. He refuses to give the key to the city to Ben in private, claiming he would never be reelected if people found out he had done so. Instead, Leslie steals the key from his office and the couple takes off. Later, they decide to toss the key in a lake.