Mayor Walter Gunderson (played by Bill Murray in the 7th season) is the former mayor (deceased as of Two Funerals) of Pawnee, Indiana. Although he has been mentioned in multiple episodes of Parks and Recreation, he made his only appearance in the penultimate episode during his funeral, both as a corpse and a pre-recorded message played at his service.


Season 2Edit

The Mayor was first mentioned in "Sister City" when he was supposed to be at a photo op with delegates from the city's former sister city, Boraqua, Venezuela. He was again mentioned in "Christmas Scandal" when the Parks and Recreation Department held a satirical holiday skit full of inside jokes about Pawnee, and April Ludgate declared, "That's crazier than Mayor Gunderson's dog, Rufus." The Mayor and his dog played a major part in the episode "The Possum", when Mayor Gunderson's mayoral representative Evelyn Roushland ordered the Parks Department to capture a possum that bit Rufus on a Pawnee Municipal Golf Course. Andy Dwyer, who helps Leslie capture the possum, said at one point, "We're acting under direct orders from Mayor Gunderson's dog."

Season 3Edit

For the funeral scene in the third season finale "Li'l Sebastian", Michael Schur said the writing staff considered killing off Mayor Gunderson, but they instead went with miniature horse Li'l Sebastian because it was decided having an animal die would be more appropriate and less morbid. Amy Poehler has stated she would love Bill Murray to play Mayor Gunderson and, during an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, jokingly announced she would pay him $250 if he played the role.