Manrico Della Rossa is one of the candidates for city council who ran against Leslie Knope.


"My name is Manrico Della Rossa. Where I am from is not important. What I have done in my life is not important. The only thing that is important is animals. I believe in equal rights for all animals. Animals are like humans, except better, and they should be treated like humans, except better. I believe that eating the meat of an animal should be illegal. If you are eating a cow, you may as well be eating your own father. The cow is a gift that gives us milk and cheese, and also allows us to watch it graze, shouldn't that be enough? I will fight anyone, with my hands, in order to protect a cow's right to graze freely. And that goes for squirrels, pigeons and rats, too. If there is one thing I want you to know about me, it is that I would kill myself before I allow an animal to be killed. I also believe there should be more garbage cans downtown, but that is a future concern. A vote for me is a vote for animals and eventually more garbage cans downtown, if we solve the animal problems. Make the right choice. Vote Manrico."

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