The infamous Sullivan Street Pit

The Sullivan Street Pit, also known as "Lot 48" or simply "the pit," is a large hole in the ground located in the block next to Ann Perkins' house. The pit was originally dug out by a condominium developer to host a basement. However, after going bankrupt in the middle of the construction project, the developer abandoned the project and left a giant pit sitting in the lot for over a year.

The pit story arc occupied the show's first 12 episodes ("Pilot" – "Kaboom"), and after being filled in, the empty lot continued to be a minor plot point. In the Season 5 episode "Pawnee Commons", an architect designs a complete park model for the lot, giving it the name Pawnee Commons.

Pit timelineEdit

Prior to Season 1Edit

  • A condominium developer digs a pit at Lot 48 to build a basement, but after going bankrupt in the middle of the construction project, the site is abandoned.
  • The eyesore pit sits untouched for over a year.
  • Andy Dwyer, who lives next door to the pit, falls into it on his way home and breaks both legs.

Season 1Edit

Parks flyer

Public Forum Flyer

  • Andy's girlfriend Ann Perkins attends a community outreach public forum to express her displeasure with the lack of attention given to the pit. She demands the pit be filled in.
  • Leslie Knope, Deputy Director of the Parks and Recreation Department in Pawnee, agrees to do something about the pit and takes on the responsibility of turning the lot into a community park.
  • Ron Swanson, Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, and Paul Iaresco, Pawnee's City Manager, agree to fast-track Leslie's park project and schedule a public forum.
  • Leslie forms a pit subcommittee; the members of the subcommittee go canvassing around the local neighborhood to entice residents to attend the public forum.
  • The Pawnee Journal publishes a glowing progress report of the pit project at Lot 48.
  • A social-networking website is set up by the Parks and Recreation Department for the pit project.
  • Leslie begins working on getting the lot's zoning codes approved and amended by the city council.

Season 2Edit

  • Andy Dwyer now lives in the pit after breaking up with Ann.
  • Leslie establishes a community garden in the pit, but she finds someone has planted marijuana amongst the vegetables.
  • Frustrated with having to deal with government red tape regarding the pit, Leslie decides to fill in the pit herself without permission and hires a bulldozer. Unfortunately, as the dirt is being thrown in, it lands on Andy who is still living in the pit.
  • By the end of the episode "Kaboom", the pit is filled in and the space returns to being a usable, empty lot.

Post-pit timelineEdit

Season 2Edit


Pawnee's Winter Wonderland

  • The Pawnee library places a planning claim for Lot 48.
  • The lot hosts the 2009 Christmas Winter Wonderland.
  • The previous owner of Lot 48, Norquist Properties, claims the government illegally seized the land.
  • In the Parks Department's yearly budget and planning proposal, the "Master Plan", Leslie and her team officially present their plans for a new park on Lot 48. However, due to the city's huge budget deficit, the proposal has to be postponed.
  • State auditors visit Pawnee and throw a wrench in the Lot 48 park plans.
  • The lot hosts the Pawnee Summer Kick-Off, featuring Freddy Spaghetti.

Season 5Edit

  • April Ludgate suggests a dog park be established at Lot 48. Leslie is strongly against the proposal, as she has tried to establish a regular park at the lot for four years.
  • Jeremy Jamm counter proposes and suggests the city sell the lot to Paunch Burger.
  • Wreston St. James of Eagleton designs a complete park model for Lot 48, calling it Pawnee Commons. As a gesture of good will, Wreston offers to design the park pro bono.
  • Jeremy Jamm and Pawnee Restaurant Association spokeswoman Kathryn Pinewood prematurely arrange for construction of a new Paunch Burger branch to begin at Lot 48. To stop construction, Leslie places Wamapoke artifacts in the lot's soil.
  • Leslie and Jeremy Jamm both pitch their proposals to the Planning Committee, after which the committee has one week to decide who to back. The committee initially lead toward backing Jamm due to Leslie's project being short $50,000. While Leslie's plan is clearly the better of the two, the committee can't approve an underfunded project.
  • To raise $50,000, Leslie and Ben Wyatt organize a black tie gala fundraiser for Pawnee Commons. Lot 48 hosts the gala, while Paunch Burger's competitors volunteer to cater the event in support of Pawnee Commons. Overall, the gala is a success and Leslie reaches her fundraising goal.

Season 6Edit

  • The city council vote yes to move the money set aside for Pawnee Commons from a discretionary fund to a lock box.
  • By the end of the episode "Ann and Chris", Leslie and Ann officially break ground on Pawnee Commons, despite no go-ahead from the Department of Public Works.

Season 7Edit

  • By the end of 2014, Pawnee Commons is completed.
  • It is revealed that in January 2015, a new apartment complex, called "The Morningstar", began construction on the block next to Pawnee Commons. Consequently, Ann's old house was demolished.

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