Len is the police officer who pulls over Ron Swanson in "The Comeback Kid" for various violations, including having four people in the front seat, nobody wearing a seatbelt, speeding and blasting their horn through the hospital zone, the rear of the vehicle being open, debris falling out, and having no commercial license to drive a truck. When Leslie Knope shows up to try to convince Len to let them go, Len tells her that April Ludgate tried to "get that gimp dog to bite me", referring to Champion. Leslie counters that she knows he'd rather avoid all the paperwork, go home to his wife Debra, have a homecooked meal, and "do what comes naturally". Len replies that that isn't appropriate. He makes them abandon the vehicle due to Ron not being licensed to drive the truck. They are forced to leave behind most of the supplies for the campaign rally and cram into Leslie Knope's car.

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