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Jessica Wicks
Jessica Wicks
First Appearance "Beauty Pageant"
Gender Female
Family Nick Newport, Jr. (step-son)
Bobby Newport (step-son)
Dakota Newport (step-granddaughter)
Denver Newport (step-grandson)
Spouse Nick Newport, Sr. (husband)
Occupation CEO of Smile, Wave, Walk, Inc.
Residence Pawnee, Indiana
Portrayer Susan Yeagley

Jessica Wicks is a three-time "Miss Pawnee" winner and 2-time runner up. She is also the founder and CEO of Smile, Wave, Walk, Inc. Pawnee's #1 place for pageant training. This is her eleventh consecutive year judging the Miss Pawnee Pageant. [1] She was married to Nick Newport, Sr., the former President of Sweetums, until his death.




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