James pierson

James Pierson is the drummer in Andy Dwyer's band Mouse Rat.

He is the former drummer of The Sprinklers, a longtime rival of Mouse Rat.

He makes his own drumheads from recycled motorcycle jackets.

He is jewish and leaves Mouse Rat to return to rabbinical school, he is confirmed to have become ordained in the episode "Johnny Karate's super awesome musical explosion".

James comes from a long lineage of drum players, dating back to the High Roman Empire. His ancestor, Marcus Antonius Quintus Plebius Flavius Gracchus played the bongos in a real sickass way at the funeral of Julius Caesar. He descends for French nobility in a small village near the city of Lyon. The French Archduke Pierre Linguiste moved to America in 1748, heading out west to search for new land. He settled in southern Indiana, establishing a moderate plantation. Later, the family name would be changed to Pierson in order to "americanize" themselves. James was born and raised in Pawnee, Indiana. His fame spread through posting videos to his blog of him weaponizing household tools. This is largely how Mouse Rat gained its early fanbase. He continues to practice his weaponization and often travels to France in order to try and claim his birthright land once again.