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Howard Kurtzwilder
Howard Kurtzwilder
First Appearance "Halloween Surprise"
Gender Male
Occupation Businessman
Potential governor
Residence Florida
Portrayer Jack Scalia

Howard Kurtzwilder is a businessman who wants to run for governor of Florida. He enlists the help of Jennifer Barkley, who in turn asks for Ben Wyatt to work on the campaign.


Howard claims to have a "classic Florida success story". He went to Florida State University Law School and was working at a small firm in Orlando, when "one day, bam, just like that, gator eats penis". That was his first high-profile case. He described it as classic Florida remorse, when a man cheats on his wife with his masseuse. One day, she cut his junk off and threw it in Everglades. A gator ate it, and that case made his career. As governor, he claims he wants to give something back.


Season 5Edit

Jennifer warns him that Governor Scott may be vulnerable, but Howard has very little name recognition and his path to victory is narrow. Ben tells him the Barkley Group will help him to win his election.

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