Herb Scaifer is the cult leader of The Reasonabilists, who took over Pawnee, Indiana for a short period during the 1970s. He is the presumed successor of the original leader Lou Prozotovich's, who died in the 1970s.


Season FourEdit

In "End of the World", Herb comes to Leslie Knope, telling her that the world is going to end. Ron Swanson assists the cult in the flute playing part of their ceremony. He plays 'Symphony for the Righteous Destruction of Humanity' in E Minor by the late Lou Prozotovich.

Herb discusses the idea of reincarnation with Chris Traeger, who at first is happy about the idea, telling him that "there are infinite forms we can take, in infinite universes". However, Herb tells Chris he will take on a new form in the morning as a fleshless, chattering skeleton when Zorp the Surveyor arrives and "burns his flesh off with his volcano mouth".

Herb ascribes to the ideals of "Lou Presodivich." Lou Presodivich was an office supply salesman and author of "Organize it!" This book was used to help people organize their office. Presodivich later wrote "Organize it! 2: Engage with Zorp" This book explores the theory of a 28 foot tall lizard with a volcano for a mouth who controls the universe. 

When dawn arrives and the world doesn't end, Herb decides that he calculated the end of the world date incorrectly. He tells Leslie that the new end of the world date is May 19th. Leslie tells him that there's a Spring Spectacular Free Ice Cream Giveaway on that day, so the park is unavailable. Herb then corrects himself, saying he misspoke, and that the actual date is May 20th.