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"Gryzzlbox" is the fifth episode of Season 7 of the NBC television series Parks and Recreation, and the 117th episode overall. It premiered on January 27, 2015 to 3.48 million viewers.


Both Leslie and Donna receive Gryzzlboxes. At first, Leslie does not open hers, but Donna does and finds items based on language she uses in private. Once Leslie finally opens hers she find items that are perfect for her, Ben realizes that Gryzzl has been mining the data of residents of Pawnee. This news disturbs Donna, who quits her work with Gryzzl. As a parting shot, Donna arranges a tour of Gryzzl for Ben and Leslie.

The summer internship is starting and Craig asks April to welcome the new group. April meets the three potential interns and quickly discourages one she feels a sort of kinship with.

To distract himself from Lucy and the relationship he imagines her having with her Chicago boyfriend, Tom throws himself into a new side job: being Andy's agent. Tom believes he can get Andy a better contract, including owning all the rights to the character "Johnny Karate".

After a surprisingly supportive reception at a town hall meeting, Leslie decides she will humiliate Gryzzl on The Perdple's Court. Ron meets them at the studio to point out that the 500-page contract, complete with revisions and addendum, does indeed allow unlimited data mining by Gryzzl. Ben fears this oversight is a disaster on par with Ice Town.

April recruits a new batch of potential interns after Craig reminds her how different her life could have been without her internship and Leslie Knope.

Lucy returns from her trip to Chicago and tells Tom that she broke up with her boyfriend. Instead of discussing her breakup, she would rather have glass of wine with Tom and talk about recent celebrity gossip.

Initially, Ron is not bothered that Gryzzl is mining data as he does not use any of their devices. But, when a quadcopter delivers a Gryzzlbox to his son, Ron shoots it out of the sky and brings it to Leslie and Ben's house vowing to help bring down Gryzzl.

Guest starsEdit


  • Lucy's Chicago boyfriend's name was Conrad


Gryzzlbox contentsEdit

Craig's list of Great Things About Being AliveEdit

  • watermelon martinis
  • exposed brick
  • Keri Russell's hair
  • Martha Stewart's apron line
  • my [Craig's] tomato plants
  • sweet potato pie
  • unlikely animal friend pairings
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt
  • Victor Garber
  • James Garner
  • Jennifer Garner

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