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First Appearance "Woman of the Year"
Gender Male
Occupation Owner of The Snakehole Lounge
Residence Pawnee, Indiana

Freddy is the owner of The Snakehole Lounge. In the episode "Woman of the Year", he's seeking investors to buy shares at $10,000 per share. Tom Haverford expresses interest in this but only has $4,000. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein kicks in $5,000. Tom tries to convince other Parks and Recreation Department employees to help him come up with the $1,000 he needs. Jerry Gergich says he can't because he has to ask his wife Gayle Gergich if he spends more than $25. Mark Brendanawicz turns him down as well. Donna Meagle expresses interest but backs out after meeting Jean-Ralphio. Andy Dwyer eventually gives Tom his $1,000 he was saving to buy himself an apartment, and Tom buys the share from Freddy. It's revealed later in the episode that Donna went and bought 3 shares of the Snakehole Lounge on her own.


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