Freddy is the owner of The Snakehole Lounge. In the episode "Woman of the Year", he's seeking investors to buy shares at $10,000 per share. Tom Haverford expresses interest in this but only has $4,000. Jean-Ralphio Saperstein kicks in $5,000. Tom tries to convince other Parks and Recreation Department employees to help him come up with the $1,000 he needs. Jerry Gergich says he can't because he has to ask his wife Gayle Gergich if he spends more than $25. Mark Brendanawicz turns him down as well. Donna Meagle expresses interest but backs out after meeting Jean-Ralphio. Andy Dwyer eventually gives Tom his $1,000 he was saving to buy himself an apartment, and Tom buys the share from Freddy. It's revealed later in the episode that Donna went and bought 3 shares of the Snakehole Lounge on her own.