Ellis is an intern for Ben Wyatt at the Barkley Group.


Season 5Edit

Ellis first appears in "Soda Tax" while working as an intern at the Barkley Group in Washington, D.C. When Ben checks up on him to see how he's doing on putting the campaign pictures on the website, Ellis claims to have started it, even though he obviously hasn't. Ben then tells him he needs to finish it. Ben finds a drawing of himself with a stick up his butt hanging on the wall in the office, and immediately thinks it's Ellis that drew it. He decides that the only thing he can do is have the interns fired. However, once Ben realizes that Congressman Murray is Ellis's uncle, he decides to "kiss the interns' asses like crazy" and offers them pizza and tries to make conversation. Ellis plays Intermural Ultimate Frisbee at Georgetown, which gives Ben the idea to invite the rest of the employees to a game of Ultimate to try to win them over. During the game, he makes awkward comments like "Rock that scoober", which is the phrase that was written on another drawing he finds of himself later with a stick up his butt. He finally confronts Ellis directly about the drawing. Ellis denies doing it, telling Ben that his daughter did it. Confused, Ben realizes Ellis and the other people in the office think April Ludgate is his daughter.