Eddie is Dennis Feinstein's current CFO at Dennis' fragrance company. In the episode "Citizen Knope", Dennis tells Ben Wyatt he might fire Eddie and hire him instead. He asks Ben if he has kids, to which Ben responds no. Dennis thinks that's good, because, as he explains, "dumb-dumb Eddie's got two kids". Ben tries to apologize to Eddie for the interview, but Dennis says not to talk to Eddie. He says Ben should "treat Eddie like you would treat a person in another country that you paid $25,000 to hunt". When Ben asks what he's talking about, Dennis says he's talking about the best vacation of his life. Ben begs Dennis not to fire Eddie, telling him he doesn't want the job and it was a mistake to try to branch out. Dennis laughs and tells Ben he's crazy, saying "we'll be in touch".

In "Animal Control", he is present in the meetings between Ben, Andy, Tom, and Dennis. At the Pawnee Smokehouse when Andy calls Dennis a dick, Dennis shouts "Take out the trash, Eddie!" as he kicks out Andy, Tom and Ben.

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