Councilman Douglass Howser is on the City Council in Pawnee. Leslie Knope repeatedly runs into him at Pawnee City Hall. She uses these awkward situations to discuss politics with him. He usually votes against Jamm, Milton, and Dexhart and votes with Leslie.


Season 2Edit

Once while Leslie was getting a piggyback from Andy Dwyer in "Hunting Trip", she smashed into the Councilman. Leslie saw the Councilman's penis when she followed Ron Swanson into the men's bathroom in "94 Meetings".

Season 3Edit

While racing Ben Wyatt down the hallway, Leslie shoved the Councilman in the episode "The Fight".

Season 4Edit

In the episode "Win, Lose, or Draw", Donna Meagle mentions that she and Councilman Howser were on a date and she was "about to make it with him" when she was interrupted by April Ludgate's computer crisis.

Season 5Edit

In the episode "Ann's Decision", Leslie runs into him while chasing Howard "The Douche" Tuttleman, accidentally calling at him "Hey, Douche!"

In the episode "Leslie and Ben", his appearance interrupts Leslie while she taunts Councilman Jeremy Jamm by yelling "Knope rules, Jamm sucks" through a megaphone.


  • On Mondays from 12:00 to 4:00 p.m. and all day Wednesdays he performs magic around town for schools, hospitals, senior centers, and the like.
  • He appears to be the chairman of the Pawnee City Council.
  • He usually agrees with Leslie on many votes that the council takes.