Dewey is a resident of Pawnee, Indiana. He is employed by the city's Sanitation Department.

Dewey first appeared in the episode "Women in Garbage". He is portrayed by actor Kiff VandenHeuvel.


Dewey attends Leslie's forum about women in government, where he scoffs at the idea that the Sanitation Department unfairly discriminates against women. When Leslie volunteers herself and April to work a shift as trash collectors, Dewey is present at the start of their route. He is also present when Leslie and April are given the challenge of loading a large, heavy refrigerator onto a truck.

Later that year, Dewey attends Leslie's "Are You Better Off?" forum, where he complains about changes that have occurred in the Sanitation Department because of Leslie's involvement. He later joins Kathryn Pinewood's group in their effort to recall Leslie, and he appears with several other dissatisfied citizens on the group's Founder's Day parade float.