Derry Murbles is the host of Thoughts for Your Thoughts on WCYS Wamapoke County Public Radio. He is bald, bespectacled, and has a very subdued demeanor.

Derry is first seen filling in for David Parker, who left to study the migration patterns of the nation's squirrels and hasn't been seen since. Derry eventually became the full-time host (later co-host) of Thoughts for Your Thoughts.

Derry is played by Dan Castellaneta.


Season 4Edit

In Born & Raised, Derry interviews Leslie Knope about her new book Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America.

Season 6Edit

In Anniversaries, Leslie returns to Thoughts for Your Thoughts, which is now co-hosted by Derry and his Eagletonian co-host August Clementine. The two men have an antagonistic relationship. August provokes as violent a reaction in Derry as Derry seems capable of having.


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