Derek is a Pawnee citizen who attends a focus group and analyzes Leslie Knope as a City Council candidate.


Season 4Edit

In the episode "Bowling for Votes", he tells the focus group that Leslie seems uptight and not the type of person you'd go bowling with. Leslie takes this comment to heart, and arranges for a "Bowling for Fun" campaign event, and sends Derek a special invitation. She does her research on him, finding out that he likes chicken wings, beer, and Ice Road Truckers. Derek is rude to Leslie and Ben, the latter whom he keeps telling to get him more beer. Ben attempts several times to time Leslie to focus on everyone that came to her event, not just one person, but Leslie is determined to win Derek's vote. She plays a couple of bowling games with Derek, intentionally losing because she knows she's a better bowler than he is, and asks at the end if she's got his vote. He tells her no and she laughs, asking again. Derek is then very insulting to Leslie and calls her a bitch, prompting Ben to punch Derek in the face. Reporters capture the moment on camera. The next morning, Leslie holds a press conference to apologize for Ben punching Derek. However, in the middle of the conference, she changes her mind, and tells the crowd that her boyfriend was defending her against a drunk, rude man. Derek proceeds to lean into the microphone and call her a bitch again, proving her point.