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  • Leslie searched for 25 minutes at the annual Easter Egg Hunt and didn't find one
  • Tom forgot to hide eggs
  • Leslie's meeting will be at the Smithfield Community Center
  • Leslie's secret weapon against a vote at a town hall meeting is canvassing
  • Leslie is not above using her expertise to change hearts and minds when the cause is just
  • in the 6th grade, Leslie was voted Best Dressed, winning by 87
    • there were only 63 people in her class
  • Tom wears a dark blue Izod polo shirt and dress slacks when canvassing
  • Leslie learned about push-polls from Karl Rove
    • if you want to guarantee the results of a survey, you design the question to give you the answer that you want
  • 9 of 10 meth users hate parks due to the excessive noise and BBQ smell
  • Leslie believes a pit filled with garbage isn't the best America can do
  • in Russia, however ...
    • Vlad could pretend the rocks are potatoes
    • Nikolai could swim in the dirt
  • Leslie's mom has always wanted her to be successful
    • which is why she reminds her that there is nothing wrong with being a wife and mother
  • citizen Kate Speevak claims no environmental impact survey was done for the park (despite one presumably done for the abandoned condos)
  • Ann's neighbor Lawrence lives with his grandmother
  • Leslie filibusters her own meeting by reciting the history of and predicting the future for Pawnee, then reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster

Opening creditsEdit

  • the show title is shown when the piccolo begins
  • an extended 30 second version of the theme plays

Behind Leslie in her officeEdit

  • the framed picture of Nancy Pelosi has been replaced by one of Madeleine Albright
  • an owl figurine has been added

Behind Ron in his officeEdit

  • the Bobby Knight poster remains

Ron's appearanceEdit

  • hair parted on his right
  • wears a suit with tie

Leslie's description of her motherEdit

  • a big mucky-muck in the county school system
  • her hero
  • as respected as Mother Teresa
  • as powerful as Stalin
  • as beautiful as Margaret Thatcher

Leslie BinderEdit

  • the cover has the seal of the city of Pawnee and the words "Department of Parks and Recreation" on it
    • there is a white label on the spine, but what is on it is not known
  • it is a canvassing guide with a script to follow when speaking to people
    • if the person is a man, turn to page 2
    • if the person looks like a celebrity (Example: Jack Nicholson) use this to help your pitch (Example: You can't handle the pit, that's why we need to turn it into a park)
  • contains a sealed envelope holding a push-poll-type question:
    • Wouldn't you rather have a park than a storage facility for nuclear waste?

People met while canvassingEdit

Canvassing for Lot 48Shall the City of Pawnee convert the Sullivan Street pit into a park?
Name Gender In-home? Y/N Pro/Con Attend meeting Y/N Canvassers Notes
(unknown) female Y Pro N Leslie, Ann cannot attend; busy
(unknown) male N Pro Y April, Mark, Tom has no children; asked if park will be 1,000 from his home
(unknown) male N Pro N Leslie, Ann uncertain
(unknown) female Y Pro N Leslie, Ann cannot attend; her 4 year old can't watch her 2 year old
Kate Speevak female Y Con Y Leslie, Ann her love of her own daughter is questionable

People Tom recruited to attend the meetingEdit

  • Mickey is Tom's #1 sod-man
  • Marcy (Price?) has the two sexiest thighs in landscaping
  • Tom believes Kevin's sandboxes are the best
  • monkey bar contact
  • Jerry (likes pretzels)
  • Roy, the fence maker
  • Victor Miles, top sod guy in Indiana (who leaves early)
  • Don, from Don's Cement

Leslie's DreamEdit

  • to build a park that she will visit with her White House staff on her birthday
    • her staff would say, "This park is awesome, now we understand why you're the first female President of the United States."


  • band name: Just the Tip
  • when Just the Tip practices in Ann's garage it wakes up neighbor Lawrence's birds
  • Just the Tip needs a bassist

Pawnee HistoryEdit

  • in 1817 Reverend Luther Howell came from Terre Haute on an ox and planted his flag in the ground
  • Howell was met by an angry tribe of Wamapoke Indians who twisted him and his white flesh to death
  • in 1969, man walks on the moon as hippies infest Pawnee
  • in the future, everyone will be flying around in space taxis, communicate on watches and blink our feelings to each other rather than use words

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