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Brandi Maxxxx is a pornography star, who has starred in over 200 films after being in the business for only one year.

In "Jerry's Painting", Brandi appears on Perd Hapley's show Ya Heard? With Perd! to discuss the nude painting that Leslie appears in.

In the episode "Campaign Shake-Up", Brandi is running alongside Leslie in the race for City Council. She was in third place, with 8% of the vote, with Bobby Newport at 45% and Leslie at 30%.

Later, in "The Debate", Brandi maintains a positive attitude about her campaign for city council, and announces that she would happily appear in a pornographic scene with any of her fellow candidates.

Brandi appears in the episode "Bailout", in which she praises Leslie's efforts to preserve the Pawnee Video Dome, which result it in becoming a pornography store. Brandi reveals that she has starred in the porn version of the bailout story, entitled "Too Big to Nail".

Brandi is one of Leslie's few supporters at Leslie's "Are You Better Off?" forum, though Leslie is embarrassed by this.

In the series finale, it is revealed that she becomes a city councilwoman at some point after 2017.


Brandi Maxxx Returns (Parks and Recreation)01:01

Brandi Maxxx Returns (Parks and Recreation)

Another embarrassing encounter with Brandi Maxxx.

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