Factory before
Factory after

The Boone Bread Factory, (also known as the Pawnee bread factory), is a local bread factory located in Pawnee, which stood as Pawnee's biggest employer for 70 years, employing 3,000 citizens. It is located at the corner of Howland and Baker Streets, in Pawnee's historic Factory District. It is also known for two fires which took place in 1906 and 1922. It is also the home of the self proclaimed "world-famous Pawnee Pumpernickel bread", which has a secret recipe. Today, the site is host to a Taco Bell/KFC, a locksmith, and a Papa John's/Taco Bell Express.


In 1906, the Boone Bread Factory Fire caught fire and 11 people perished. On the morning of June 8, 1922, the Pawnee Bread Factory caught fire once again, burning to the ground and killing 33 people. William Percy had ran into the burning factory during the 1922 fire to rescue the secret Pawnee Pumpernickel Recipe, leaving the people inside to perish. He was made mayor for his heroic actions, despite the eventual realization that the recipe had been published in a cookbook a year earlier. it is now believed that the fire was caused by some prohibited lunch-break toast making.

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