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Bjorn Lerpiss, a member of the sprawling Lerpiss family in Pawnee Indiana, is a pleasant man who has a beard. He once encountered Andy Dwyer in a bathroom and asked him for a mint. Another time, he sat near Chris Traeger in a bar and said "Hi" to him. 

He wanted Lot 48 to be turned into a Paunch Burger. He joined the committee to recall Leslie Knope as Pawnee Councilwoman. He loves Paunch Burger and is very friendly. He is second cousin to Lalyssa Lerpiss, a waitress who once served Leslie, Tom, and Ann at Scully's Bar.

His favorite song is "Working for the Weekend," by Loverboy. [1]

In Mike Shur's other comedy, The Good Place, he is revealed to have somehow died, and sent to "The Good Place", possibly by mistake.



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