Bjorn Lerpiss, a member of the sprawling Lerpiss family in Pawnee Indiana, is a pleasant man who has a beard. He once encountered Andy Dwyer in a bathroom and asked him for a mint. Another time, he sat near Chris Traeger in a bar and said "Hi" to him. 

He wanted Lot 48 to be turned into a Paunch Burger. He joined the committee to recall Leslie Knope as Pawnee Councilwoman. He loves Paunch Burger and is very friendly. He is second cousin to Lalyssa Lerpiss, a waitress who once served Leslie, Tom, and Ann at Scully's Bar.

His favorite song is "Working for the Weekend," by Loverboy. [1]

In Mike Shur's other comedy, The Good Place, an unseen character of the same name is revealed to be one of the residents in the titular afterlife neighborhood, implying that the Pawnee character somehow died and was sent to "The Good Place", possibly by mistake. The twist at the end of that show's first season effectively quashes this theory, though as modern US sitcom (albeit mostly Friends) is known and referenced in the Good Place universe, it leaves open the possibility that, in universe, The Good Place's Bjorn Lerpiss took his pseudonym from the Parks & Recreation character.