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  • Leslie informs the staff that they all owe "like $90" for flowers she sent to Ron, who is out for hernia surgery
  • Leslie ordered a bouquet of daffodils from a website after a few glasses of wine
    • Donna is definitely getting some daffodils
    • Tom might be getting some too
    • only time will tell if Jerry will be getting any
  • she also informs everyone she will be leaving early to judge the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant
    • it's a responsibility she takes very seriously
  • Tom wants to be a judge
  • April can't believe Leslie likes beauty pageants
    • Leslie explains that whoever Miss Pawnee is will be "the representative of womanhood in our town"
    • Leslie assures her that, as a judge, whoever wins this year will be chosen for her talent and poise
  • Tom's interest is peaked with the prospect that the girls of Talent and Poise might be there
    • "Talent and Poise" is a strip club by the VA hospital
    • Tom has meetings there
  • Leslie is disgusted
    • Tom corrects her; The Glitter Factory is disgusting
    • Tom does not recommend "The Glitter Factory"
  • April brings Leslie a mocha with extra, extra whipped cream from The Grind
    • April informs her that, completely unrelated, she just signed up for the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant
  • Leslie adds some sugar to her coffee as she explains her reason for becoming a judge
    • "So awesome girls like you, who are not (you know) classically hot, can be rewarded for their intelligence and savvy."
  • April only signed up because she found out the winner gets $600
    • April can be idiotic for $600
  • calling Leslie "sister" April asks if she will vote for
    • Leslie tells her it would be unethical to show favoritism
    • April tells Leslie that the coffee is $7
  • Tom is schmoozing on the phone ("call in a few favors") to be judge for the beauty pageant
    • "If you don't call in favors to look at women in bikinis and assign them numerical grades, what the hell do you call in favors for?"
  • Officer Sanderson is at City Hall to look at the murals
  • Leslie is more than happy to act as guide
    • a few years in the 1880's were rough and tumble in Pawnee
    • the mural they are viewing depicts a fight between Reverand Bradley and Annabeth Stephenson, the widowed mother of seven
    • the original title was "A Lively Fisting" but was changed for obvious reasons
  • Officer Sanderson admits to the documentary crew that he didn't come to look at murals, but to ask Leslie out on a date
  • in Leslie's office, Officer Sanderson tells her that he really likes her and asks her if she'd want to get a coffee "or something sometime"
  • as Leslie checks her schedule book, Officer Sanderson asks about her grandma, referring to a picture behind her
    • Leslie tells him that the picture is of Madeleine Albright
    • Officer Sanderson usually calls his grandma "Nana"
  • reacting to Officer Sanderson's political naivite, Leslie begins to waver saying that she has a few days, but won't be specific
    • Officer Sanderson suggest they "lock it in later"
  • as he leaves, Officer Sanderson sees several other official portraits in Leslie's office and calls them "ladies"
  • out in the courtyard having lunch with Ann, Leslie describes Officer Sanderson not knowing who Madeleine Albright is as "awful"
  • Ann asks "Who?"
    • at first Leslie cannot believe Ann doesn't know who Madeleine Albright is either, but Ann didn't know who didn't know who Madeleine Albright was
    • Leslie tells Ann that it was "Dave, that cop that I met"
  • Leslie doesn't know if she can date someone who doesn't share her interests
  • Leslie asks Ann if she could date "someone who doesn't love giving vaccinations?"
    • Ann has never dated anyone "who loves giving vaccinations."
  • Ann visits Mark in his office to ask if he can fix things
    • her shower is "leaky, low pressure, just all around terrible"
  • Mark offers to come over after work
    • Ann promises to cook "a cheap, quick dinner"
  • Leslie and Tom arrive at the pageant and introduce themselves to some of the other judges
    • Leslie hopes all the judges will share her criteria when selecting the next Miss Pawnee to "represent our fine town"
    • Tom is too busy to agree with Leslie as he is guessing the contestants' bra sizes
  • the emcee, Martin Housely, introduces the contestants
  • listening to Trish Ianetta drone on during her introduction, Leslie says, "Well, you know, they can't all be winners."
    • once Trish finishes, Tom declares, "looks like we got a front-runner, guys."

Tom's appearanceEdit

  • wears a suit with tie

Opening creditsEdit

  • the show title is shown when the piccolo begins
  • an extended 30 second version of the theme plays

What Officer Sanderson thinks of LeslieEdit

  • she's cool
  • she's smart
  • a little intimidating

Judges for the Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant, 2009Edit

  • Leslie Knope
  • Tom Haverford, Leslie's colleague
  • Jessica Wickes, Miss Pawnee 1994
  • Ray Holstead, from Ray's Sandwich Place
  • Charles Woliner, who has judged every Miss Pawnee pageant for the last 30 years (he "made Jessica")

Criteria Leslie hopes the judges will useEdit

  • well-rounded
  • intelligent
  • modern
  • forward-thinking woman

Women Tom hits onEdit

  • Jessica Wickes
    • "I recognized you right away," he takes her hand, "and, may I say you look more beautiful now than you did when you won the crown." He kisses her hand.
  • all of the contestants (except April)
    • he guesses the bra sizes of five of the six (34C, 36B, 34B, 34D, 32A "How did you get in here!?")
    • "You're perfect each and every one of you, God Bless."

Contestants for Miss Pawnee Beauty Pageant, 2009Edit

As introduced by emcee Martin Housely, with a brief autobiographical statement:

  • April Ludgate
    • "Hi, I'm April Ludgate. I'm 20 years old. I like people, places and things! And Pawnee is my favorite place in the world!"
  • Susan Gleever
    • "Hi everyone, I'm Susan. I'm a history major at Indiana State, I play classical piano and I volunteer at the Children's Hospital"
  • Trish Ianetta
    • "Hi y'all! I'm Trish. I'm 22 years old, I've been on YouTube, um, I love to hang out with my friends, I love to laugh, I love summertime and going to the beach and I love wearing bikinis at the beach with everyone there. I just want everyone ... Are y'all havin' a good time?"

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