August Clementine is a radio broadcaster from former Eagleton. Following the town merger, he became the co-host of Thoughts for Your Thoughts with Derry Murbles.

August is a middle-aged man with brown hair and a Van Dyke-style moustache and beard. He typically wears eyeglasses, and seems fond of bow ties and sweatervests.

August Clemetine is played by John Hodgman.


Season 6Edit

In Anniversaries, Leslie returns to Thoughts for Your Thoughts, which is now co-hosted by August Clementine and Derry Murbles. Derry is resentful of his new co-host, whom he describes as a "fatuous twerp".

August and Derry have a very contentious relationship, with neither man concealing their contempt for the other during the broadcast. This manifests in a series of petty shows of one-ups-manship, such as gloating over who speaks last.


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